Dr. Mary Kilfoil


Interim Director | Norman Newman Centre for Entrepreneurship
Lead| Launch Dal
Assistant Professor | Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Launch Dal, Rowe School of Business, Dalhousie University. Mary has over 20 years experience
in the private sector and has authored several reports and publications in the fields of
innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic policy. Since becoming faculty at Dalhousie
University, Mary led the team that launched the Starting Lean course in the Fall of 2012
providing an experiential approach to entrepreneurship by combining Lean Launchpad
methodologies, a flipped classroom, and accomplished mentors - listed in Academia’s Top 10
courses in Canada 2013. She has also launched a campus-wide Innovation course based on
Design Thinking principles open to students from all faculties. Outside of the classroom, Mary
works with students creating companies and jobs to drive the Nova Scotia economy forward.
She has also been instrumental in launching Dalhousie’s on-campus student startup accelerator
(Dal’s LaunchPad Accelerator), Canada's Business Model Competition, as well as, non-credit
entrepreneurship programming for students, researchers, and members of the business
community. In 2014, Dr. Kilfoil received Canada’s National Entrepreneurship Educator Award.
She is a former Co-Director for Dalhousie’s Shad Valley Program, an enrichment program with a
focus on science, engineering and entrepreneurship.


Ding Fan

Ding comes from China originally, and has special interest in international development as she can speak Mandarin, English and elementary Korean. She is responsible for office management, financial and executive support along with Entrepreneurial Skill Program (ESP) and volunteer program. Please contact Ding if you have any questions regarding our programs, projects, competitions and information!


Sarah MacLellan

Before joining Launch Dal as the Collide Program Coordinator Sarah completed her Bachelor of Public Relations degree at Mount Saint Vincent University. She also has a diploma in Events and Promotions Management from The Centre for Arts and Technology. Sarah has work experience in tourism and customer service, and a passion for social media and event planning. Contact Sarah if you have any questions regarding the Collide Program.

Email: Sarah.maclellan@dal.ca